yes. we are looking forward to

1. this saturday: to collect our Dependant's pass from the Ministry of Manpower which will entitle iQa to start her school.

2. this Saturday to go to Pasir Ris to submit the application of student's pass for iQa

3. this weekend (maybe also on saturday) to have a lunch @ Pak Ali in Tmn. U, Skudai

these people were missed JB so much!!

4. next monday: to send iQa to her new school

the list stop here for this morning..

jika kau menjadi aku, aku yakin kau mengerti....
mmm im having problem to upload pictures directly to blogger...

every attempt to upload pictures come to no avail as this error appeared:


Gateway Timeout


i have no idea bout this.. how to fix and what to do? please! can somebody help me huhuhu

this picture has been uploaded by using URL address from Facebook... huhu

jika kau menjadi aku, aku yakin kau mengerti....
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