it was monday when haQim woke up VERY early
with a BIG smile
and VERY good mood...

he looked so bored to be at home

keep asking me to snap his picshow does it look from this side, mama??hatem look cute?? that's true!!

sangat susah nak tido during a daytime..
dia siap temankan mama buat bread pudding kat dapo

masa ni mama tgh buai arissa dalam buaian..
dia baring sini, hadap pool, buat2 nak tido la.. sambil mulut mengomel..
"kakak swimming....hatem sleeping.."

mama snap pic rupa2nya dia buat apa ko tau???
di masukkan button dalam idong!!
its a metal button (ala style butang ketip tuh)..
its belong to arissa's romper. mama kept in the drawer so that can ask cik uG to jahit balik..
rupanya dia da main... haiyaa

the button comes in a pair is it?
he inserted BOTH!!

haaa amik ko!
mama managed to pull out 1 piece but the another 1 is too deep to get!

consoled him to asleep... but still cannot get the button.

he CRIED "no mama!"
ko nak bior button tu dlm idung?
then mama realised, he purposely masukkan dalam idung...kononnya tindik idung la tu!!

korek2 tak dapat! sebab dia meronta dan nangis tak bagi korek!
dan bila nangis, the button masuk deeper!
call abah, ask abah to come home early..
aku punya la seriau...

it happen at 5.30 pm
abah arrived at 6pm and took haQim to nearest NYAM FAMILY CLINIC at Bedok

at 7.30 abah came back home and told me that the doc refused to give a try
he asked abah to go to the hospital..

we went to Changi General Hospital

after in 30 minutes they asked us:
"please go to the Childrens Hospital in Little India because WE dont have such facilities for chiildrens"
and u know, that Childrens Hospital is very far!

there we have to ride a train!
luckily there is a clinic beside the to the SMRT entrance

SELESAI.. dengan bill $73 hanya untuk membantu haQim mengorek idong

korek idung dia punya pasal,
puding roti mama ntah ke mana..
custard sauce jadi kastard keras..
ikan bakar dalam oven tinggal je sampai kering kontang...

because of that button, we got the chance to have Burger King tonite!!

i am a tricky boy!!
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