arinih aku tertarik ngan satu artikel dari It's not too early to introduce a cup to your baby. Many babies can take their first sips as early as 4 or 5 months and are ready to handle a cup sometime between 6 and 12 months.

Try piquing your baby's interest in a cup by buying one with a bright color or appealing picture on it. A sippy cup, which has a top with a spout, is often easier for a baby to use, and spill proof types are great at preventing messes. A cup with a straw is also a good learning tool, although it's slightly more difficult to clean. Choose a cup with handles on the sides as a starter model, since it will be easier for your baby to hold. And, of course, any cup you use ought to be unbreakable -- you can count on it being flung to the ground often.

Introduce a cup gradually, perhaps during one feeding a day at first. Securely holding your baby upright, bring the cup to his mouth and tilt it just a little. Be patient, as your baby will likely make a mess as he practices lapping and then drinking.

If your baby seems to have trouble with the cup or rejects the first cup you try, consider a different type or brand. Some spill proof sippy cups have a valve that works almost too well, making it hard to get the liquid out. (Tip: You can fix this problem by removing the valve.) Your baby may find a cup with a nipple-like spout easier or more appealing. Because sipping is different from sucking, some parents find it easiest to start with a lidless cup, tilting it to the baby's mouth, until he gets the idea that this is a new way of feeding.

waaaahhh... aku cam berminattt jer nak introduce sippy cup kat aQim!!! huhuhu... mama nih memang ler...boodak tuh makan pon blom agi!! kikikiki.....

jika kau menjadi aku, aku yakin kau mengerti....
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