si phoebe mengenalkan aku dengan satu test nih..
tak pasal² aku p buat bagi mencukupkan masa kepada 5.30petang...

hahaha sapa² yang giler CD (cloth diapers) cam aku.. leh try buat nih ya.. click sini..

nih hasil aku....

Your Test Scores

Clothy: 68%

The Nappy Test
says that I'm A Cloth Addict

What does it mean?

Oh dear you're addicted, you have a few more styles than you maybe need!! Never mind, at least you're saving the enviroment, and you would save money if you didn't keep buying new styles!!

For your test taking skills, here is a graphic to share:

jika kau menjadi aku, aku yakin kau mengerti....
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